redact by selecting cell(s)

Aug 29, 2011 at 2:25 PM

I frequently use the Word redaction tool to redact text from work forms that that are formatted as lots of cells containing text and information.  The 2003 Word redaction tool would allow me to select a cell, or even multiple cells, and mark the text contained in them with one click, which made redaction of these forms a fairly quick process.  After a recent upgrade to Word 2007, I noticed that the 2007 redaction tool will not allow me to redact text by selecting a cell; when I do, I am unable to click on the Mark button.  As it stands, I have to go through and select the text line by line and it is a very tedious process.  Has anyone else faced this problem?  I hope there is a workaround or fix to this, and would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.